Advanced Diagnostic Services

We here at Houser Drug have started a program that we are really excited about. Houser Drug bought out Ultrascreen that serviced much of North Carolina and many major corporations such as Lowe’s. We are now working under the name Houser Advanced Diagnostic Services (HADS). Our mobile unit is comprised of sonographers, highly skilled lab technicians, and a fully licensed and credentialed Nurse Practitioner. This dynamic team will be traveling around NC offering many different screenings from bone and joint health to cholesterol and PSA screenings.

Houser Advanced Diagnostic Services saw a need for this line of work. Many of our patients and your patients have such high deductibles to meet that it is outrageous for them to have lab work taken. We have found a solution! Having low over head and volume pricing allows us to charge a fraction of the price charged by hospitals, doctors’ offices, and diagnostic centers. In fact, a HADS performed test is almost always less expensive than patients would pay just for the co-pay for the test performed. For example, a carotid artery imaging screen is reimbursed at a rate of $859.00 by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of NC. With a 20% co-pay, the out of pocket cost to the patient for this procedure would be $171.80. HADS pricing for this procedure is $100: a $71.80 savings over insurance or a 42% overall savings. For some of your patients this may not be beneficial with their type of insurance; however, you would be surprised at how many of them find this to be outstanding! All the specimens are processed by Spectrum Diagnostics and ZRT, nationally certified laboratories. Our staff conducts the screening and results are available within one week and discussed during a complementary consultation time where the patient is fully informed of the readings and advised appropriately. All referrals will be made to your pharmacy for prescription drugs and supply needs. The Nurse Practitioner looks to make herbal and nutritional supplementations in the areas patients may need improvement. This could be stock that you personally could carry in your store that would be an added patient service. HADS provides “Real Solutions, Not Just Lab Results.”

Houser Advanced Diagnostic Services wants to work in conjunction with you to present a preventative health screening at your business location! We have hosted numerous screenings so far this year and had a phenomenal turn out! Houser Drug will even help promote our joint event with flyers and other forms of advertisement. All you have to do is provide a space in your pharmacy for the event and promote the event by word-of-mouth to your customers. If you are interested in making your pharmacy different from the one on the next corner then give us a call. For more information call toll free to 1-866-203-4888 and ask for Natalie.